The prostate is a small gland surrounding the male urethra and is located just below the bladder. This gland is involved in the sexual development of spermatic fluid but is not essential for fertility. At fifty it usually starts to swell and eventually destroys the social life of man: this is called benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH). The most likely cause of BPH is an imbalance in the male hormones; testosterone stimulates proliferation and growth of prostate cells. The main symptoms are a decrease in the power of the urine flow, a frequent urge to urinate (especially at night); BPH prevents proper emptying of the bladder and thus promotes the development of bladder and kidney infections. Prostate cancer can present the same symptoms as BPH. It is therefore essential, if you have these signs, to talk to your doctor and be medically monitored.

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For prostate disorders, pumpkin seed is known for a very long time. Green tea and guggul are also very efficient for their beneficial action on prostate disorders.

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Camelia Sinensis
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Commiphora mukul
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Cucurbitae Peponis semen
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