Natural remedies and herbal medicine.

Stress, depression, sleep, general fatigue, hypertension, weight, unbalanced nutrition, are considered as common sickness nowaday.

Menopause and prostate diseases are also usual sickness, but more normal.

To develop muscle, improve vision, raise his energy level are normal requests.

We offer natural cure based on herbal products using traditional Chinese plants, Indian ayurveda herbal medicine, South American medicinal plants and European medicinal plants, or plants confirmed by proven clinical trials with addition of vitamins and micronutrients

These products are distributed under our own brand and are from our own manufacture. They are proposed on means of dietary supplements. Swissgaialab propose only products elaborated and manufactured in our own factory and we are not just a distributor. We can guarantee the quality of raw materials used and the quality of researches made to develop the products that we offer. All our products are elaborateded and manufactured in Switzerland.

The herbal remedies as natural cures, issued from traditional medicine are increasingly appreciated and recognized.

We hope to see you soon among our customers and hope that you will enjoy and have evident benefits with our products.


Goji Best Price !

Lycium barbarum is originally from China, but also exists in Europe where it is called lyciet de barbarie.

It is very popular thanks to its anti-aging proven properties in clinical studies, which are due to the antioxidants and vitamins ingredients. The content of lutein and carotenoids in goji are also very valuable for vision.

Goji has the particularity to nourish the blood, making it valuable as a fortifier for mind. It is also effective in stimulation of the immune system. Its content in zeaxanthin is also useful in the fight against cancer.

We offer a natural extract standardized with a polysaccharoses rate above 40%, which means it needs 8 to 10 kgs Goji to produce 1 kg extract of Lycium barbarum

A plant strongly recommanded.

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